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The Centennial Heart Difference

At Centennial Heart, our expert physicians and dedicated electrophysiology (EP) teams work together to care for all of your heart rhythm needs. From cardiac devices to afib procedures, we use the latest technology and techniques to keep your heart beating properly.

Our Physicians specialize in complex, high-risk procedures as well as routine rhythm monitoring. Together with the EP teams, we partner with you to create the best care plan. Learn what makes us different:

At Centennial Heart, we exclusively provide the latest and greatest technology for cardiac devices. Any device you receive will be the newest, most advanced model available. We offer:

  • Pacemakers
  • Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICD)
  • Biventricular Pacemakers & ICDs
  • Subcutaneous ICDs
  • Implantable Loop Recorders
  • Life Vest Defibrillators

Remote monitoring also lets us track your heart rhythm patterns 24/7. So if you are experiencing afib, your doctor is notified immediately and will call you in to check. Your doctor also monitors the performance of your device to make sure it is functioning properly and not delivering inappropriate shocks.

We use our years of experience to give you the best possible outcomes. We follow the latest guidelines to ensure the best possible outcomes and continuity of care. We also participate in cutting-edge clinical research trials so you have access to the highest quality care. All of our cardiac devices have several lines of defense against dangerous arrhythmias:

  • Built-in monitoring to constantly record your heart rhythm.
  • Anti-tachycardia therapy (ATP) to outpace the abnormal heart rhythm instead of delivering a shock
  • Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) discrimination to understand differences in heart rate changes and prevent inappropriate device therapy
  • Uniform guidelines for device programming to avoid unnecessary shocks and reduce impact on your heart

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We are an established training center for afib ablation. Our physicians teach and employ the best techniques to help patients with afib. We offer:

  • Advanced imaging & mapping to help treat irregular heart rhythms
  • Multiple afib ablation procedures
  • Surgical & catheter-based ablation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Cryoblation
  • Pressure-sensitive catheter ablation
  • Multi-electrode ablation
  • Comprehensive, personalized education for each procedure
  • Referrals for MAZE & Mini-Maze surgery

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Patients living with afib are at a higher risk for stroke. When your hearts beats inefficiently because an irregular rhythm, blood can collect in a small sac in the heart called the left atrial appendage (LAA).  This blood can form clots that travel to the brain, causing a stroke. We offer procedures to close the LAA and reduce your risk: