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Every year about 1.2 million Americans suffer a heart attack. A heart attack can suddenly cut off oxygen-rich blood causing damage or death to heart tissue. Heart attacks can be caused by blood clots, plaque buildup from coronary artery disease (CAD) or narrowing in the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart (stenosis). Quick action is required to remove blockage and restore blood flow to the heart.

Knowing symptoms and risk factors can help prevent heart attacks. Chest pain (angina) is usually a sign of coronary artery disease, which creates high risk for heart attack. At Centennial Heart, we can address your individual risk factors and take steps to prevent heart attack. If you have suffered previous a heart attack, your Heart Team can work with you to create a custom rehab plan.

Surviving a Heart Attack

We're connected to the TriStar Health family of hospitals to provide quick access to treatment in an emergency.

We serve communities throughout Middle Tennessee with life-saving, minimally invasive procedures that help clear blocked arteries and improve blood flow to the heart muscle.

Heart attacks can also cause permanent damage to the heart muscle. After a heart attack, other procedures might be needed to improve structure and function of the heart, to restore blood flow near damaged tissue or to regulate heart rhythm. We also offer procedures to treat chronic chest pain and reduce your risk of further heart problems. Our multidisciplinary team can help you determine the best road to recovery and path for prevention.

If you experience signs of heart attack, call 911 immediately.