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Endovascular stent grafting (EVAR) is a minimally invasive procedure to treat aortic aneurysms. Aneurysms occur when a blood vessel is weak and bulging. A small fabric tube covered in metal mesh (stent-graft) is used to reinforce the vessel and redirect blood through the strong tube. An appointment with a cardiovascular surgeon requires a referral from your cardiologist or primary care provider.

How it works:

  1. You will be placed under anesthesia and your doctor will make a small incision.
  2. Your doctor will insert a small tube (about the size of a pencil) and guide it to the aneurysm site.
  3. The delivery system will place the stent-graft against the artery wall to direct blood through the graft.
  4. Your stent-graft will reinforce the vessel walls and decrease pressure on the aneurysm.
  5. Your doctor will make sure that the graft is in place before removing the tube.